AKA & Bonang Nonimated For Most Stylish Couple At The ASFA Awards… SEE! Full List

Even though their romance was marred with controversy at the beginning, there’s no doubt that AKA and Bonang are South Africa’s power couple.


The couple is nominated in the “Best Stylish Couple” category at the 2016 Abryanz style and Fashion Awards which will take place in Uganda, 9th of December, 2016.
Their relationship was made public last year when DJ Zinhle took to her blog to reveal that AKA was cheating on her with Bonang while she was still pregnant with their only child, Kairo.
The Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards are fashion celebration of style, fashion and art in Africa. The awards have been known for their ability to inspire, set trends and celebrate a Global fashion Agenda.
While Bonang Matheba is also nominated in the Continental Style And Fashion Influencer of the year, Aka is also nominated for most stylish Artist. The couple has already won You Spectacular Favourite Couple of the Year award.
This year ASFA event will run on the theme “Dress To Inspire 2016” which was launched back in March.
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