download video: Audio Push – Planet Earth Is Live

I think I’ve grown to be be a steady Audio Push fan from their recent drops starting last year going into the work they’ve put out this year. We get a glimpse of what’s to come with a visual for their new single Planet Earth Is Live which is the lead for their upcoming Last Lights Left album.

The video is so insane, something that one might term a “mind f%!k”. From the get go you see an odd scene with Price’s body separated by torso and lower body on the walk way, to him having what seems like a gruesome hair wash – more like a baptism. Then Oktane comes in chilling on a mounted couch to which its support (a pair of speakers) soon disappears while he’s left oddly comfortable suspended in the air. Man, Chris Scholar actually outdid himself with this video. There literally isn’t too much effort in filling up the video as it is in the cool and mysterious editing. How each scene flips into another taking you on a crazy yet fun journey is mad dope!



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