Get Ready For Miss Patty Monroe Malatjie Merch: She Just Dropped Trailer For Her Song Reminiscing

Oh yes! The coastal princess herself, Patty Monroe, has joined the artist merch roster with what seems like a range of long sleeve shirts/crewnecks and caps inspired by her debut album, Malatjie.

She went onto her Instagram to share pictures of her and her dancers who were adorned in the pink crewnecks and black polka dot caps. I’m loving the detail on her caps actually, from a distance it just looks black but when you get closer that pink typewrite goes really well with the polka dots. I’ll say, the Malatjie font – although it continues from her album cover – is quite characteristic of Patty’s bubbly and colourful self. Do these pieces come in different colours? When will the merch go on sale, if at all? PATTY, WE’RE SENDING YOU A TELEGRAM PICK UP.

She just dropped a trailer for her song Reminiscing, I think we’ll be getting a video for it real soon:


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